Our Vision

In our view, legal and financial issues are intertwined. Most legal cases pursue a monetary value and in dealing with any financial issue, taking account of the relevant legal ramifications is a must. Our distinguished group of expert lawyers, professional attorneys and experienced financial analysts take pride in providing high quality integrated legal and financial consultancy services.

Our Mission

Sepehr International Law Firm combines the trait most Iranians are known for –hospitality- with proficiency and our influential network of public and private operators, to guide our international as well as local clients through the bends and twists of Iran legal and regulatory system.

That is what Sepehr International Law Firm is recognized for:
“Innovating Synergistic Solutions”

Our Values

  • We choose to practice law together because we like and respect each other and share a deep commitment to our clients and to the firm’s underlying values.
  • We are passionate about what we do, and that enthusiasm translates into results.
  • We operate on the basis of ‘right teaming’ – ensuring that for each piece of work the right people with the right level of experience are involved at the right time.
  • As our client, we work with you to achieve an open and strong relationship. In our experience, relationships based on candor, trust and ease in each other’s company are the very best foundation on which to deliver and demonstrate great value on every piece of work.
  • We will be straightforward, open and honest in all our dealings and we will act with utmost integrity.
  • Sepehr International Law Firm is committed to empower you with the exact tools and help you exercise the right options which will result in the best solution that will be conducive to your prosperity.

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