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Finance and Islamic Finance

Decline of the oil prices and the resultant shrinkage of the government budget as well as the privatization trend would necessarily dictate utilization of other financial resources for the implementation of major projects in Iran. Project finance, equity financing and debt financing are the common variants of financing. Different generations of risk service buy-back contracts for oil and gas E & P operations has been in use in Iran for more than two decades. In recent years, DBF (more frequently referred to as EPCF contracts in Iran) has seen a constant growth both in oil & gas and elsewhere. Along this trend, Islamic finance has also found its way worldwide and is rising in Iran as well. We have been extensively involved in buy-back and EPCF contracts. Our people have outstanding expertise in financing and Islamic finance and are capable of providing a full range of services in this area. We are also on good terms with some reputable Iranian banks which would facilitate procurement of finance for certain projects.